What does it mean to dream of People

To dream of people may represent how you perceive some situations in your waking life. Take note of who the people are, how many there are in the dream, what they are wearing and doing, and how you interact with them. Dreaming of crowds or groups of people may also represent the feeling of being included or excluded, judged or accepted, based on how you interacted with the crowd in the dream. I can also reflect a desire for solace and privacy, if the crowd is vast and overwhelming, or a fear of certain social interactions, especially if you feel powerless and vulnerable in a large group.

Interpretation is relative

This interpretation is just a suggestion based on general cultural and psychological significance. Don’t take this as absolute truth. Your dreams are linked to your experiences and memories, so we can’t tell you what your dreams mean exactly. Instead, use this as a base to start a reflection and find your own interpretations.

Dream trends

This graph shows how often people have dreamed of that particular topic in the past year.

Questions to ask yourself

To interpret your dreams properly, you should ask yourself the following questions.


When was the last time this element appeared in your waking life? In which context?

Dreams often incorporate recent elements of our waking life. If you’ve seen this element in a movie recently, for instance, it may explain the presence of this element in your dream.


What does this element represent for you? Could it be a metaphor for something else?

During dreams, your mind makes a lot of associations between concepts. An animal may represent a person, a person may represent a period of your life, etc... Think outside the box; what could this element represent?


What emotions does this make you feel? Did you feel those emotions in your dream?

Were you surprised to feel unexpected love or anger towards this element? Think about why you may have felt those emotions.

Related elements

What else was inside your dream?

Think about the other elements of your dream and their relation with this specific element. Then, you can start this process again with these other elements.